Find a Fun New Passion

Why are hobbies important? They help you meet other people. A new passion will build self-esteem. If you dislike your job or you are unhappy in your relationship or you simply feel down, developing a hobby can be a way to build yourself back up.

It helps you figure out the rest of your life. Sometimes hobbies give you one solid thing to feel good about.

Trying new things is a good way to relieve stress. Hobbies are an oasis from the rest of your life. You can forget about things that bother you. You can talk about your new activity such as travel. People want to hear more about your fun activities.

A new activity keeps you youthful. The happiest people are the ones who lead active lifestyles and have social outlets. I really believe that boredom is responsible for a lot of society’s problems and people’s destructive behaviors.

Hobbies enriches your perspective. They give you an opportunity to learn something new, to be challenged. A new passion is great for character-building and seeing the world through refreshed eyes.

P1420361My latest passion is creating colorful, whimsical found metal pieces twisted into unique shapes. Simple pleasures make me very happy.

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Overwhelmed – Try Talking

Through the years we have discovered we work out a lot of stuff on our road trips. It’s interesting because it’s a shoulder-to-shoulder conversation, like a park bench conversation. We are two people talking, looking at the birds and the clouds. We’re hearing each other but our mind gets to wander because our sightline is broad. It’s an effective way of coming up with ideas together.

Face to face conversations can be so reactive, because we’re looking at each other and adjusting what we’re saying based on the reactions. But when we’re shoulder-to-shoulder, we’re just talking and listening. That is one of the many reasons we love road trips.P1410481