My Simple, Easy, Daily Workout

Everyday I am asked questions about diet and exercise. People want to know what is my health routine? On my blog I share with you the basic ways I learned how to conquer eating and diet challenges.

I encourage you to listen to my health podcasts posted on my blog. When you start exercising and following my practical tips everyday you will achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I produced a popular exercise video which is also now available on my web site in DVD and digital download format:

The Perfect Little Total Body Workout DVD Order

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Make Your Health a Priority

I am passionate about my health.  My healthy lifestyle is a priority because I am four-foot, one inch tall.  I am a dwarf with achondroplasia.  My diet is clean and simple, with food that is fresh, healthy and delicious – anyone would enjoy!

Exercise is vital to our daily routine  

Have fun and keep reading my blog for fast easy ways to stay healthy.

Start moving…I produced a popular exercise video which is now available in DVD and digital download format. To purchase a DVD or digital copy click on the “buy now” button at:

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“Perfect Little Body Workout” Video DVD and Digital Download Now Available

Per your request, my exercise video is now available in DVD and digital download format. To purchase a DVD or digital copy click on the “buy now” button at:

The Perfect Little Body Workout Exercise Video starts out with a warm up and goes into 30 minutes of low impact aerobic exercises. These exercises have been approved by members of the LPA Medical Advisory Board.

I created the video to have different levels of exercises for an enjoyable challenge. Many people have lost weight using the video. The exercises strengthens the back muscles which may prevent back pain.

DVD promo video for “The Perfect Little Body Workout”

Children and young teens are also using the video to workout. I suggest each person pace themselves with every exercise. They should not push themselves when just starting to workout on a regular schedule.

Benefits of Exercise

People who exercise regularly with the Perfect Little Body Workout video will receive a positive boost in their mood and have lower feelings of depression.

One benefit to regular physical activity is improved self-esteem. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. This feeling often follows a workout. A positive and energizing outlook on life can also accompany that feeling.

Video promo for “The Perfect Little Body Workout”

Regular exercise has been proven to:

Reduce stress

Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
Boost self-esteem
Improve sleep

Reaching Your Goals

Most people of short stature suffer from back pain at some time.  Back pain may increase if you experience a stressful job, anxiety, being overweight, getting older and the lack of proper exercise.

Each person should understand their own physical limitations.  If possible everyone should try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.  Just start moving more, and get outside if possible.

Understand your own personal physical potential.  Learning what is possible will help you set goals.  By establishing a regular exercise time, exercise becomes easier.

Living healthy, eating right and exercising properly will help decrease your back pain. Reaching your goals creates a happier lifestyle.